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We take pride in offering reliable auto parts at great prices! We’re committed to providing you with the highest level of service, so you’ll always choose us for your auto parts needs. 

We believe in treating our customers fairly and because we want your business now and far into the future. We may not be related, but you’ll feel like we’re family.

We know that fixing or performing maintenance your vehicle can be frustrating and expensive, so we want to take the worry out of buying Recycled Parts. That's why we guarantee all applicable parts with a FREE 30 Day Standard Warranty. But, don’t just take our word for it--our customers give us rave reviews!


Auto parts are guaranteed to arrive to Buyer in the condition as stated at time of purchase. The standard limited warranty expires 30 days from time of purchase. All applicable parts are guaranteed to function properly consistent with age, mileage, and intended design, unless otherwise noted in the item description. Highline Auto Parts will replace or refund the purchase price, at Highline Auto Parts’ sole discretion. We reserve the right to replace failed parts with equal to or greater than original mileage parts. Highline Auto Parts does not warrant against oil consumption, oil leaks, normal wear and tear, emission levels, seals, gas leaks, oil pumps, water pumps, belts, hoses, bolts, tightness of bolts, and any accessories that are sold with engines. Highline Auto Parts does not warrant against loss caused from installation, removal, or repair in connection with the sale of used auto parts. Buyer understands that guarantees and warranties are VOID if motor or part is overheated, damaged, disassembled, etc. Warranties do not apply to parts sold for the purpose of rebuilding. Accessory parts included with engine blocks, transmissions, axle or carrier assemblies are not covered under any warranty. This warranty does not cover merchandise failure or damage caused by improper installation, usage from which the part was not intended or improper maintenance of the product.
Products and parts that are not provided with a warranty are: cut off body parts, emissions equipment, brake parts, tires, and safety equipment including air bags and seat belts that are sold "as is".
For mechanical parts, the installer must be a certified mechanic and follow the correct installation procedures as stated by the manufacturer’s guidelines. Buyer agrees to ensure installer must replace all seals, gaskets, fluids, belts, etc. with installation and that the installer of the part is equipped with the necessary means to install the part properly. Buyer understands that failure to follow manufacturer installation procedures will result in their warranty being voided. **Engines, transmissions, carrier assemblies, axle assemblies, radiators, and power steering pumps are drained of all fluids in accordance with local, state, and federal laws. Do not attempt to operate before replacing fluids and filters.
Hold time for purchases paid in full is 30 days. Hold time for purchases with a deposit is 14 days. Deposits and/or payments placed on parts that were not picked up are non-refundable. No exceptions.
Products or goods must be returned and exchanged with an appropriate invoice or proof of purchase. Buyer agrees to return the part in the condition it was received. Damage claims will be denied if damage was stated in original description of part at time of purchase. NO returns on special orders, overheated, altered, or disassembled part(s). All parts returned are subject to a 15% restocking fee. ALL ORIGINAL SHIPPING & HANDLING FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE! All returns must be within 30 days of purchase. For merchandise purchased online or by phone; it is the customers’ responsibility to return the item back to us in the same condition it was received. Buyer agrees to cover all return shipping costs.
Highline Auto Parts must be advised of any faulty or damaged goods within 24 hrs upon Buyer’s receipt of them. Claims should be submitted with proof of purchase. For claims on packages shipped via FedEx: Packages are insured against damage incurred during shipping. Please retain all original packaging material you received your part in. Provide proof of submission or any details of your claim to highlineautoparts@hotmail.com. Buyer agrees that any claim cannot exceed amount of purchase.
Except as expressly provided herein, Highline Auto Parts hereby disclaims all warranties, both express and implied, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Used merchandise sold may have safety hazards and it is the sole responsibility of the Buyer to inspect for actual or latent safety hazards. Highline Auto Parts is not liable for and Buyer assumes all claims for safety hazards and consequential damages which result from the sale of the parts, damages for loss of income, use, or time, towing, wages, car rental charges, transportation or shipping costs to return the purchased item, or any other incidental or actual costs incurred by the Buyer. The warranties provided shall run only to the Buyer and no assignments or successors of the Buyer. Buyer hereby understands that the total liability of Highline Auto Parts hereunder is limited to and shall not exceed the purchase price of the products or services sold or provided.
ALL AIR BAGS AND SEAT BELTS ARE SOLD "AS IS". Recycled air bags and seat belts are not tested by Highline Auto Parts to meet any safety standards. A QUALIFIED INSTALLER MUST INSTALL AIR BAGS & SEAT BELTS IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE VEHICLE’S SRS AND THE MANUFACTURER'S SPECIFICATIONS. Air bags and seat belts that are not installed correctly could subject installers or passengers of a vehicle to risk of serious injury, including death. The Buyer of any air bag or seat belt must have a certified garage or mechanic inspect and install the recycled air bag or seat belt. The purchaser of the air bag or seat belt assumes any and all risk or damages or injury, including death, which may arise as a result of the improper installation of a recycled air bag or seat belt. Highline Auto Parts makes absolutely no warranty, express or implied, as to the fitness or merchantability in connection with any sale of recycled air bags or seat belts.
USED TIRES ARE SOLD "AS IS”: With the purchase of used tires the Buyer acknowledges that the tires are being sold "AS IS" and in their present condition as stated at time of purchase. The Buyer further acknowledges that any defects or deficiencies in a used tire may not be apparent or discoverable. The Buyer agrees to have the used tires further inspected and installed by a professional tire installer. Highline Auto Parts expressly disclaims any verbal or other type of warranty to the Buyer, and makes no representations whatsoever regarding the used tire(s) being purchased and/or their suitability or fitment for a particular purpose.
Because the conditions of use are beyond Highline Auto Parts control, Highline Auto Parts assumes no obligation or liability for the performance of these articles. Buyer must establish for themselves whether these articles are suitable for their use and/or fitment. Highline Auto Parts will not warrant and disclaims all liability for any parts which have been altered, modified, disassembled, or damaged subsequent to the purchase.
All parts are USED and sold with no guarantee whatsoever unless otherwise stated.
FOR CUSTOMER PICK-UP: Highline Auto Parts is not responsible for the safe transportation, securing merchandise, or insuring product safety on or in your vehicle.
Thank you for your business!!
Policy effective 3.8.13

Last revised 1.23.15